There are multiple awards to provide support for student entomologists. The travel award is granted to students attending the Annual General Meeting and is intended to provide financial support for the student for travel. The Society also distributes the Undergraduate Award in Entomology, recognizing exceptional undergraduate (or recently graduated) students who has contributed to entomology in Alberta.

The ESA established the Frederick S. Carr Award (prior to October 2004, known as the Carr Award) in 1996 to honour contributions to the furtherance of entomology in Alberta, excluding professional obligations, by outstanding non-professional people (hobbyists) and professional entomologists. Nominations by ESA members, consisting of a letter outlining the accomplishments or attributes of the nominee, may be submitted to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors, after considering recommendations from the Awards Committee, votes on all nominees put forth, and bestows the Award no more than once per year.