Key objectives of the Entomological Society of Alberta is to support budding entomology students and to recognize and honour members of the organization that have contributed to progressing entomological research in Alberta.

Honorary life membership in the ESA may be conferred on anyone who has performed long and distinguished service in the field of entomology. In addition to the recognition as an honorary member, such members shall be exempt from payment of the annual membership fee. All members in good standing are entitled to propose the names of prospective honorary life members, provided each such proposal is supported by two other members, and documentation is submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Honorary life members shall be elected at an Annual Meeting, and the total number of such shall not exceed five percent of the total membership.

Awards are available to both students and ESA members. Any information regarding the organization or contact information can be requested by contacting our secretary (