Our History

The Entomological Society of Alberta was organized on November 27, 1952, at a meeting held in Lethbridge, Alberta, as an affiliate of the Entomological Society of Canada, and consisted of 42 charter members. A certificate of incorporation was obtained under the Societies Act of Alberta on February 19, 1953. The membership of about 70 people at that time consisted mainly of Dominion (Federal) entomologists at the Science Service Laboratories of the Canada Department of Agriculture in Lethbridge (presently, located in the Lethbridge Research Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada), the Suffield Experimental Station of the Canada Department of Agriculture (closed in 1956), the Forest Zoology Laboratory of the Canada Department of Agriculture in Calgary, and students and staff from the University of Alberta. One of the prime motives for establishing the Society was to encourage interest in amateur entomology, which had declined from its earlier vigour.

The Society

The runnings of the Entomological Society of Alberta is only possible through the time and effort dedicated by our Board of Directors and Committee members. The Board of Directors consists of 11 democratically voted members of the society that are partitioned into the Executive Board and the Council. The Executive Board consists of 6 members who oversee the general operations of the organization while the Council consists of 5 members who represent the members from the multiple regions throughout Alberta, complete the ESA’s Proceedings, and act as a represent of the ESA to the Entomological Society of Canada. Committees are responsible for achieving specific objectives for the organization.

Being a non-profit organization the ESA runs on key by-laws and regulations drafted by the first Board of Directors in 1953. Every year at the AGM the Executive Board reviews the by-laws and regulation to best reflect the current objectives of the society.

The Entomological Society of Alberta is affiliated with the larger Entomological Society of Canada along with 6 other regional affiliates in Canada. The ESA collaborates with other societies to facilitate communication and research for entomology in all of Canada!