Date publicly published: June 20, 2023

Summary: Change the Entomological Society of Alberta’s acronym from “ESA” to “ESAB”.


The by-laws of the Entomological Society of Alberta states:

Article 1 – Title
This society shall be known as “The Entomological Society of Alberta”, herein referred to as the “Society”, in affiliation with the Entomological Society of Canada. The Society also may be referred to as the “ESA”.”

The proposal is to amend Article 1 of the Entomological Society of Alberta’s by-laws to change the official acronym of the Entomological Society of Alberta’s acronym from “ESA” to “ESAB”.

The purpose behind the proposed amendment is to clarify the association with Alberta, and to avoid confusion with other organizations with the “ESA” acronym.

This proposed resolution will be open to discussion at the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM), currently planned for August 19, 2023. Those unable to attend the AGM are encouraged to share their comments on this resolution to the ESA secretary ( ) by August 18, 2023. Please indicate in the email if you would be comfortable that your comments be shared at the AGM. If you would like your comments to remain anonymous, please indicate so in the email.

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