On October 3-5, 2019, the Entomological Society of Saskatchewan and Alberta held a joint-annual meeting at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. 75 people attended the meeting, with no shortage of presentations or posters.

To start the meeting, a special symposium was held in honour of George Ball, who’s influence on entomological research in Alberta was reflected in the variety of talks during the George Ball Symposium. Dr. David Larson started the meeting off with a keynote presentation on insect biodiversity in prairie environments followed by more invited speakers. After a day “JAM” packed with presentations and posters, Dr. Cam Goater gave the after-banquet presentation on the fauna that is found in Cypress Hills, especially the zombie ant system that he studies. Student participation was high for the JAM with 18 student oral presentations, and 6 students poster presentations.

John Acorn giving a presentation during the George Ball Symposium

Multiple recognitions were given out during this year’s meeting. Tobin Benedict (University of Calgary) was awarded the Undergraduate Award in Entomology, and Dr. Ken Fry was given Honorary Member status to the Entomological Society of Alberta for his entomological endeavours as a scientist at Olds College as well as spreading entomological curiosity through public outreach.

Dr. Ken Fry

This year’s JAM was a huge success, and we hope that everyone enjoyed it. The 2020 AGM will be another joint annual meeting, but with the Entomological Society of Canada during October 18-21 in Calgary. Please follow this link for more information!

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